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Do you want your child to become a confident & responsible global citizen?

Academics are necessary but not sufficient for success. Hence we created world’s only complete life-skills program.

Children pana LUMOkid

These superpowers are required to be happy and successful

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Global Awareness

NEWS & useful concepts introduced in childhood enhance thought process

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Physical & Mental Health

Wellbeing is introduced through yoga, mediation & activities

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Strong Character

Strong values and soft-skills are critical and need to be built early


Why Parents Believe in LUMOkid

We don't teach, learning happens!

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Peers from anywhere

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Live Sessions

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Reflect & Share

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Group Discussion

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Games & Activities

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Yoga & Meditation

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Parenting Support

A Glimpse of Our Program & Live Sessions

What is LUMOkid?
A short introduction

Our Past & Upcoming highlights

US elections Explained

How the sessions are conducted!

What is LUMOkid ?
A short introduction

Our Past & Upcoming highlights

US elections explained in a fun way

How the sessions are conducted!

Let’s explore our 4 Pillars learning experience.