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extra curricular activities for kids

10 Best Extra Curricular Activities for Kids

Even if she has a long day at school, your child will not be pleased if that is all she has to keep her entertained during the day. Extracurricular activities for kids come into play in this situation. Your child will benefit immensely from non-academic training that she enjoys after a snack and some relaxation. She can participate in sports, chess groups, dance clubs, literature clubs, music clubs, and other extra curricular activities for kids. Your child will undoubtedly find something she enjoys!

Importance of Extracurricular Activities for kids

Academic activities are frequently not designed to promote overall growth, which is why every child should participate in at least one extracurricular activity. Other critical life skills that children learn include cooperation, problem-solving, and different abilities they will need to mature into well-balanced individuals.

Schools have attempted to create such environments for children, and as a result, your child has a variety of possibilities to pick from, including school bands, dance teams, and sports teams. They can also join the school newspaper team to improve their writing skills. Extracurricular activities for kids are the most popular place for youngsters to meet others their age who share common interests and form lifetime friendships.

Every child has a distinct personality that must be cultivated positively. When youngsters are given nothing constructive to do, they are prone to mischief, which can be avoided with good supervision. To assist you in making your decision, we have compiled a list of extra curricular activities for kids and what your child can learn from them.

1. Music

Others prefer to sing while others learn to play instruments. But, of course, some people excel at both. There are so many instruments to pick from that you will undoubtedly discover something that your youngster enjoys.

What Will Your Child Learn?

Music has a particular element of freedom to it, and many children enjoy it for this reason. Not only that, but when youngsters study anything like playing a musical instrument or singing, especially if it is in the classical genre, they tend to learn a lot about history and culture.

2. Dance

There are so many forms of dance to choose from that your youngster is sure to discover the right fit. For example, she may like classical folk dances or learn more current genres such as hip-hop or lyrical dance.

What Will Your Child Learn?

If youngsters prefer the more classical forms of dancing, another pastime educates them about culture. In addition, dance is good for your child’s physical and mental development because most types of dance require discipline and endurance.

3. Sports

Football, basketball, cricket, and softball all demand collaboration and a lot of energy, but if this type of sport does not appeal to your child, there are other possibilities such as tennis, badminton, and golf to consider.

What Will Your Child Learn?

Children learn how to work well as a team, strategize, and gain endurance via sports like basketball and football. Every sport, whether performed in teams or alone, has something to offer your child. Sports are fantastic for competitive kids.

4. Painting and Sketching

Maybe your youngster is a budding artist. Colours are a lot of fun to play with, and making diverse works of art can be something your youngster prefers to more boisterous hobbies.

What Will Your Child Learn?

Your child’s creative abilities will grow as her brain develops the areas linked with creativity as she is exposed to and engages with creative things. For example, painting and drawing can also assist in the development of problem-solving abilities.

5. Crafts, Pottery and Sculpting

Working with clay and making something with their hands can provide a sense of fulfilment that cannot be experienced in any other hobby. In addition, clay has a therapeutic effect and can keep your toddler entertained for several hours.

What Will Your Child Learn?

Through extracurricular activities for kids, your child will improve her sensory and motor abilities. In addition, children learn about forms, the three-dimensional world, and the importance of patience in achieving a positive outcome.

6. Martial Arts

Though mixed martial arts techniques such as judo, Tae Kwan Do, karate, and others may conjure up images of violence, what they genuinely teach is discipline and how to control your strength rather than using it to harm others.

What Will Your Child Learn?

Self-control and self-discipline are characteristics of martial arts that will aid children with ADHD, as these are qualities that are undeveloped in them. They also aid in the development of your child’s social skills and physical development.

7. Sewing Classes

Sewing may not come to mind as an extracurricular activities for kids, for many people, but it is a skill that is quite useful. Moreover, many youngsters develop a passion for fashion as they grow up, which might be an excellent first step.

What Will Your Child Learn?

Children’s creative ability will be enhanced, as well as their self-esteem. Sewing is just as artistic as painting or sculpting, and it’s worth noting that it can be quite educational for kids who wish to be designers in the future.

8. Book Club

Book clubs are a terrific opportunity for young bookworms to have fun while socializing with other readers.

So what will your child learn?

A book club can provide a lot of benefits. Not only will the literature educate your child a lot about the world, how it works, and so much more, but it will also aid in the development of their reading skills and vocabulary, which will have a significant impact on their writing abilities.

9. Cooking Class

Cooking classes are fantastic for kids because they provide them with valuable skills and an outlet for their creativity.

What Your Child Will Learn

There are numerous advantages to this, including making meals helps youngsters develop focus, creativity, and essential skills such as using sharp knives. It also teaches them about different ingredients and how to cook nutritious and balanced meals, all while they are surrounded by other kids their age.

10. Drama Club

This is a fun and productive approach for your children, drama kings and queens to work up their theatrical energies.

What Will Your Child Learn?

Drama club is one of the extracurricular activities for kids that encourages your child to improve their athletic, artistic, social, and public speaking abilities. It also aids in the development of a child’s memory and improvisational skills. In addition, drama clubs can help shy children who have a talent for performing gain confidence and social skills.