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10 New Skills Children Should Learn During Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has had its effects on the education industry. With the schools opting for online classes and the lockdowns reducing every child’s recreational activities along with their friends, let’s just admit that it’s not all that great. Now, the lockdown might have restricted your kids’ activities and playtime outdoors, but they can still have lots a lot of fun by enhancing their aptitude and motor skills! The life skills for children will also prove beneficial for their future.

There are a lot of indoor activities for kids that can be used to teach them to improve life skills for children. Activities such as teaching them the development of an application or playing learning to play an instrument will help them tremendously. You can use specific platforms or activities with interesting life skills for children that your child can learn. Now Let’s look at ten new skills children should learn during the lockdown.

Pandemic is the right time to teach your kids some new skills. Below is a list compelled on new skills to learn for kids. These skills can be easily learned with fun. Let’s quickly dive into –

Animation skills

Animation is a fascinating and inspiring skill to possess. It is something that a child can relate to the most, thanks to the movements and the colors the characters have. Since animation is already considered very relatable for kids, they would be pretty excited to learn and hone these skills. With all the life skills for children that you have to teach your kids some new skills during the lockdown, the animation is one of the best things to start with.

Animation helps enhance the communication skills, and also works on the child’s problem-solving abilities, and further gives them the chance to be imaginative, creative, and expressive. You would be even surprised to see how they can create exciting designs and characters with a storyline. This would also give them an idea of their inclination towards art and creativity and whether or not they would want to pursue it later.

First Aid skills

First aid comes as an essential life skill for children. With the pandemic already on us, it has become necessary to teach kids how to use the first aid kid. Children may tend to fall and bruise themselves a lot as when they. However, you can’t always rush to their aid. Teaching the kids how to use a first aid kit would help them be self-sufficient and satisfy themselves in time of need.

Be it cuts, or scrapes, or injuries, or bruises, or even maybe insect bites, teaching kids how to use the first aid kit would help them deal with nonemergency medical scenarios. Right from teaching them how and when to wash their wounds to using antiseptic to applying a band-aid, there are many things that the kids must know about first aid. This will also help them in understanding the field of medicine and probably incite interest in the said field.

Application development/coding skills

AI and technology have become the new normal, and studies through technology have become a popular way to imbibe these trending life skills for children, especially during the lockdown days. Online learning has propagated as the best way to teach life skills for children. Kids are also quite familiar with applications and games on the phone as they learn from the same.

So, helping the kids learn how to build a new app would be very beneficial to them. They would be able to use their creativity and use their logic and Mathematical skills. As and when they learn how to curate and build new apps with the help of coding, it would give them the canvas that is needed for them to create and build something new.

Basic Baking and cooking Skills

You will be taken aback by the benefits that baking and cooking as life skills for children have for the kids. As indoor life skills for children, you could teach them how to bake cakes and cook easy snacks during the lockdown. You can start with something less tedious. Please help your child by teaching them how to bake during a lockdown. Baking has some attractive benefits such as boosting reading skills, enhancing Mathematical skills, fine-tuning their motor skills, and understanding scientific concepts that go behind

baking and cooking in a better way. When a kid is learning how to bake or cook, he/she is also learning one of the essential life skills for children that would come in handy for them. Further, this will also help stimulate their interest in cooking other complex foods that form quite an essential life skill for children.

Learn to play a musical instrument

One of the best life skills for children is to learn and ace at a small age is learning how to play musical instruments. Some of the significant perks of learning an instrument include enhancing memory, better motor skills, practice over hand-eye coordination, Math and logic, fine-tuning of the auditory skills, reading, and comprehension. Learning how to play an instrument helps touch upon all of the sensory organs. When it comes to physical benefits, learning a musical instrument can help control breathing and strengthen the respiratory system.

Learning music as one of the essential life skills for children also helps improves the posture of the body and leads to an excellent physical activity wherein your hands and legs are equally used. Concerning mental benefits, learning a musical instrument also helps improve concentration, the coordination that the kid needs, and helps them understand time management as well in the process. You would be amazed to see how it is soo therapeutic and would significantly affect the child’s mental health. Music would also help kids express themselves better around people.

Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting have lots of great benefits. Drawing is one of the essential life skills for children that help to develop fine motor skills and be a helpful mindfulness tool. The picture allows the children to be in the moment and focus on the here and now in the present, enhancing their wellbeing. What’s more, you will have lots of lovely pictures to hang on a display or the fridge. 

Film-making and video editing

Film-making is way more accessible now than ever before. With the latest technology like smartphones and tablets, many people have access to essential video equipment. Pick a theme, or topic, or story, and get your children to film it. Then, by using free editing software like Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, or PowerDirector, go in and edit your masterpiece. After you have finished, you could get everyone to like and share their videos! You can also view the short movies or videos made by them on a home TV screen, a computer, or in the classroom if you are still at school.

Good Hygiene

Hygiene is a very important part of good health. Thus it’s very important for us to nag our kids to brush their teeth and take a bath on time, but if they want them to stick with these concepts, kids have to learn to embrace them on their own. The easiest and fastest way to teach these skills to your children is to turn oral hygiene, skincare and bathing into something fun. 

How to react to an emergency

Kid’s can’t become adult within a day, but here are few life skills which are mandatory for them to learn in order to deal with emergency problems such as-

*How to apply pressure to a bleeding wound.

*Know when to dial 911, 100

*Use ice on a swollen injury, run cold water over a burn.

*Stop, drop and roll if clothing catches on fire.


In a techno-savvy world of social media, fake news, and amateur reporting, spotting the signs of a trusted news story has become one of the essential life skills for children. Learning how to write an excellent news report will equip the children with good quality writing skills. It will build their news literacy, and it will boost their writing skills as well. 

British Sign Language

British Sign Language or BSL is a convenient way to help children improve their communication. Not only that, it can improve memory and recall and even make learning languages easier in the future.  If you do not know anyone who can teach BSL, where can you start? Initially, you can dive into this BSL taster pack for beginners. Or download this BSL greetings resource for your first lesson. If you need more clarity and guidance, there are lots of videos on YouTube as well!

Corporate Soft Skills

Being a parent we all know the importance of corporate soft skills. These skills are the centre of execellence for multidimensional skills research and training.

Like life skills, social skills, corporate skills are counted among one of the most needed skills when you enter into the corporate world.

Corporate skills are everything about taking care of business and getting the outcomes you set out to accomplish.

Corporate skills do not necessarily mean- knowing how to run the software, how to manage a programme, it also includes certain other skills which are being taught in schools such as basic knowledge of software programmes, excel sheets, Microsoft PowerPoint, paint and all.

Even skills such as problem-solving, flexibility, writing skills, paying attention to details, communication and creativity skills are considered corporate skills. So what are you waiting for enrol your kid into some corporate soft skills training course and help your kid to start their learning something new and remarkable.

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