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Through a dedicated curriculum created by ISB and IIT Alums, we do not teach, rather, we engage the kids such that they feel heard which in turn ensure that they are able to focus on the positives of their personality and know their strengths better.

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Cross Cultural Simulation

We all feel that sometimes, we are just not able to “fit in”. The root of this problem lies in the fact that we haven’t been very accepting of the differences. Hence, at LUMOkid, we make sure that the child studies with students not just from India but international locations too.

Imbuing Self Confidence

Starting from focussing on “fluency” more than “theory”, developing general knowledge of the kid in general and making them think of their own tests- everything at LUMOkid is about making the child feel confident and sure of themselves.

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Know about us in Detail

My child completed 4 weeks life skills summer camp, and he loved it! As parents, we were really happy with the kind of information that was shared, the wellness sessions and the life skills topics covered. I would highly recommend this course. The icing on the cake were the characters who handled the sessions!
Mehuli majumdar

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