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Frequently Asked Questions

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Life Skills take time to understand, reflect and practice; hence we recommend enrolling for a minimum of 24 sessions and continuing up to the age of 14 years.

We make batches of max 6 children for each session.

  1. We recommend enrolling for a free trial session to familiarize yourself with our format and content.
  2. After 1 week, if you do not like the sessions and want to discontinue, we will refund in full. We would just like to know your feedback to meet your expectations. This is applicable ONLY if you signed up without taking trials.
  3. If you have signed up and we have not been able to allocate a suitable batch to your child after 4 weeks then you will be refunded the full amount.


We recommend age 6-12 years as ideal on our platform however we have had >5 years old kids as well on our platform who really loved our sessions, joining in the 6-7 years age group batch


Currently, we offer live video sessions for kids in small groups, along with parenting support resources. Our sessions consist of stories, videos, engaging activities, and meditation. We also offer a strong feedback loop to parents, enabling them to make better connections and conversations with their kids. For more information please visit Our Programs

In future, we will come up with an App for the kids and the Parents community along with many useful resources to make it more connected and holistic.


We cover concepts related to our four pillars namely Character, Skills, Health, and Knowledge. Our inspiration lies in various modern education approaches while designing our detailed curriculum concepts and delivery methods.
We closely work with experts in the areas of education, health, nutrition, child development, parenting, psychology and international curriculum for mentorship and support. Our advisors include senior corporate employees, entrepreneurs, at home mothers, working mothers, entrepreneurs and venture capital investors across the globe.

Yes, We want to partner with you in your journey; hence we focus on customizing the content as per the kids need. This approach would require consistent engagement.

Yes, we want to partner with you in your journey; hence all inputs from you are the most welcome and would help us to understand and work better with your kid.


English is the medium of communication in the platform, considering the global audience. We recommend basic English conversation skills for the kids to be able to communicate with us and each other.

We cover concepts related to our four pillars namely Character, Skills, Health and Knowledge. Each topic has multiple levels and sub-topics, which are covered consistently and repeatedly in various interactive formats like stories, videos, interactive activities, games etc during the session.

Each session is planned for ~60 minutes for 6-14 years age group

Sessions are conducted by specialists selected after a 4 step elaborate selection process and a minimum of 12 hours of training to ensure quality and amazing experience for the kids. We have a unique way of taking sessions masking the adult behind an animated character to enable kids to share openly along with having fun. The complete content and delivery are standardized using one of the best standard operating procedures.

We are a digitally enabled learning platform which connects kids across the globe.
However We may not have batches suitable for each time zone at all times; in that case, we would try our best to arrange a suitable time for you.
Please Whatsapp us or fill our Contact Form  so that we could help you.

Our sessions are planned in a bunch of 8 sessions (~1 month). We will give you appropriate batch choices available. The sessions will happen on those scheduled times for the batch selected by you.

Please inform us if the kid is unable to attend a session.
However, we do not promote missing a session since these topics are not to be learnt by reading or going through the material. We always ensure that we cover the same topic multiple times in various interactive formats so it will get covered at a later stage again.
Since these are group sessions, it’s not possible to compensate however we will try to arrange for a make-up session in case there is a suitable batch option available.

Not at the moment. We plan to include those in our future upgrades.


Working with parents is at our core. We believe that life skills need to be inculcated at their respective homes and to enable the same, we provide feed forward, conversation ideas, engagement ideas, and activities. We plan to enhance the parenting partnership further in our future upgrades.

We provide regular but most efficient reports to parents for their awareness and support. We are always a WhatsApp text away for any conversation or feedback. We typically revert within 1 hour.

If you could not find an answer to your question, then you may contact us here.