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develop reading habit in kids

How to develop reading habit in kids

When a child sees something different, they become enthralled! They want to hold it in their mouth, touch it, and feel it! This is how a young child’s inquisitive mind functions. This is where a parent’s position is crucial. This is the point at which you enter the frame! This is the time to expose them to items that will quench their interest. Colours, images, phrases, textures, characters, diagrams, and numbers are only a few examples.

Or something that has everything, like books!

What would you do as a parent to help your children become successful readers? How do you instil a love of reading in your children?

Ok, it’s not difficult; the trick is to keep trying and get started as soon as possible! One of the tips to develop reading habit in kids is to start early and here’s why, 

Start Early

Many parents are stumped when it comes to developing reading habits in their kids.Reading is something that children do not want to do. They like to play outside, watch TV, or, more generally these days, play on phones and tablets, but they would not gladly pick up a book to read. The introduction, I believe, is the primary reason. The earlier you introduce them to books, the easier it will be to develop a reading habit.

Academic pressure is exceptionally high in India, and it is highly stressful for children. When you suggest that they read non-academic books, they baulk at the suggestion. They are bored by their overabundance of books at school and seek out something new and exciting when they get home. It leaves a lifelong impression when you expose them to books at a young age. It prepares them for school and assists them in adapting to the reading-focused learning atmosphere in potential classrooms while also encouraging them to return to their original love of non-academic books!

Early book introduction is now a given, but how to develop a reading habit in kids is also reasonably easy!

 Reading Has To Be A Hobby That Needs To Be Cultivated Actively At Home. Here are a few pointers to help you in understanding how to develop reading habit in kids

Create a reading corner at home

There should be a small library or a quiet corner at home for books where both kids and adults can sit together and read; it should also be readily available to the kids to choose and read the books they want whenever they want. This would not only help in to develop reading habit in kids but also develop the perfect environment to do so

Cuddle and make them sit on your lap

Making a child sit on your lap and cuddling him while reading aloud to him makes the child feel safe and secure and provides the comfort to develop reading habit in kids

Read from moments in life

Books aren’t the only thing to focus on to develop a reading habit in kids. Attempt to get the child to read and connect to commonplace items such as a shopping list, road signs, restaurant bills, and so on.

Read for them

Make a habit of reading to your children! Dedicate a time during the day to read to your children before they can read on their own. Your children will enjoy and anticipate this small amount of family time. This small activity will bring them warmth and closeness, which will help them gain trust.

Reading can be done at any time, but bedtime is the best. Parents with children aged 2-4 years old should actively read stories to their children before bedtime, which can then be converted to reading time. This schedule, if properly implemented, will last a lifetime and aid in the development of strong cognitive and social skills in children. Consider bringing books for your children with you on your trip. This will create a fun experience for them and you’ll be able to to develop reading habit in kids quite easily

Practice what you preach

Children are the best at imitating their elders.  Hence when wondering, how to develop reading habit in kids, this is an important factor. Parents must be extra cautious about what they say and do in front of their children. So, if you want to develop the habit of reading in your child, make sure you lead by example by reading books yourself. If you read every day – whether it’s a book, magazine, or newspaper – your child will undoubtedly want to imitate you. Consider making reading a family ritual; it’s certainly preferable to watching TV together.

Read with expressions

Make the story from the book interesting when you read it. As the storey progresses, alter the speech and facial expressions drastically. The child will then have fun interpreting the plot. This is one of the best methods to develop  reading habit in kids. Considering how a character speaks and emphasising the importance of punctuation can keep a child engaged in the storey and make it fun for them – As if they were watching a movie, so don’t be afraid to make some noises and imitate the way a character might talk. It aids in the comprehension of word and phoneme meanings!

Choose The Right Books

Books should be selected based on the child’s age. Picture books should be given to toddlers; young children should begin with short fairy tales, classics, and biographies, while older children should read mystery stories, adventures, and other genres. Consider the following factors when selecting books for your child:

Books with Pictures

A book with vivid illustrations and graphics is much more captivating and interesting than one without. Introduce them to illustrated books; it will aid in their comprehension while still keeping them interested. It would be easier to develop a reading habits in kids if the topic and the subject matter interests them


Choose appropriate books based on the child’s interests. For example, if your child enjoys a particular sport, get them a book about that sport or a biography of a popular athlete from that sport.


When deciding How to develop reading habit in kids, it is necessary to choose books that are simple to understand and appropriate for your child’s age. There are engaging and gimmicky books with flaps to raise and read for children under the age of two, pop-ups, and textures for babies to feel and touch. Age-appropriate books are created to assist children in their development.


Books from various genres, such as sports, science, history, and literature, will encourage them to be interested in multiple subjects rather than just one. This will give them the wide variety to understand their future interests better.

Encourage sharing and exchanging books

Sharing and exchanging books with friends and family and encouraging them to join book clubs will help develop a reading habit in kids through socialising. Seeing close friends and family members read would enable them to pick up books and read them at home. Discussing books with others can also help them learn different views and responses to the novel, making it a fun activity.

Provide Variety

Books and newspapers, magazines, and other types of reading material should be encouraged. When reading, this will help them expand their horizons. Allow them space and time they need to grow into this hobby.

Encourage discussions and questions

Make it a habit to talk about the books your child has read. This will be an important step inorder to develop a reading habit in kids. Pose questions and assist them in pronouncing new words. Inquire about their favourite character and why they like it. Point to the characters in the drawings so that they may imagine themselves with them. Before moving on to the next page, ask them some anticipatory questions about what will happen next. This will keep them interested to the end.

Explain the definitions of the terminology and phrases used. At this stage, assist them in using a dictionary. Show sincere interest in what they’re reading and ask questions to gauge their comprehension level.

Take them to bookstores and the library

Bookstores have evolved into places where people can sit, read, and shop while sipping coffee. Allow your children to visit book cafes, spend time with books, and select books independently. You will enjoy your reading time when they are busy searching while sipping tea or coffee.

Enrolling your child in a book library is a good investment since it allows them to discover and choose a book from a wide variety of choices while also allowing them to socialise with other book lovers. You may also take them to one of the many book fairs that take place during the year. Consider enrolling your child in a book club in your city so that he or she will benefit from the reading sessions. This is one of the important steps to develop  a reading habit in kids

Gift them books as rewards

You must constantly inspire your child to turn a mundane reading routine into a pleasurable experience. If your child enjoys reading, discussing books, and asking questions, reinforce this behaviour by rewarding them with books of their choosing. To develop a reading habit in kids, and to make that process less forced and more of a fun experience, this step is essential.

How to inculcate the habit of reading & its benefits

When children develop reading at an early age they start reaping many benefits. As you know when we start learning a new language, it takes time in learning thus better is to start developing reading habits in children at an early age.

Further building and strengthening vocabulary and language skills aid in creative thinking, children are unaware of the fact that reading is one of the easiest and best activities available to teach children and which develop a reading habit and also an open path to learning a new range of skills as well.

Some of the many benefits of reading include-
*It teaches empathy
*Improves concentration
*Build self-regulation
*Exposes children to diversity and different perspectives and situations on their own.

Read our complete on how to inculcate the habit of reading in children at a young age and explore the best practical tips to inculcate reading habits in children.

Books to start with to develop reading habits in children

Reading is the ultimate source of knowlege and learning a new language, many students get a hard time picking the habit of reading and ultimately give up on reading due to various reasons.

One of the most common reasons to give up enhancing reading practice is picking up the hardest books to read at their attempt, which leads to difficulty in understanding the language and eventually children give up developing a reading habit.

Books to develop reading habit in children.

*Malgudi Days by Rk Narayan
*Harry Potter by JK Rowling
*Train to Pakistan by Khuswant Singh
*Palace of illusion by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
*The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald
*The Alchemist by Paulo Cohelo