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online activities for kids

Keep the fun alive with Online Workshops for Kids!

Because of what we can accomplish with it when we use it in ways that link us with each other and, in this example, the arts, the internet is a beautiful thing. It is necessary to cultivate and nourish one’s imagination. The newer experiences children get, the more their imaginations and ideas grow expanded. It’s similar to adding colours to a painter’s palette and learning how to use them in various scenarios. It is commonly assumed that learning is arduous. This isn’t correct. When a learner is having fun, they are more likely to study more effectively. Here we’ll be discussing the some best online workshops for kids.

Consider a guru or instructor who has had a significant impact on your life. After that, consider why this has been the case. It’s typically because we find their instruction engaging and, in some cases, entertaining. When it comes to introducing young people to the arts, this is the foundation of our philosophy.

In today’s world, the digital arena is a risky new business. So we created courses with an emphasis on engagement and fun based on research and feedback from homeschooling experiences. When we study while having fun, it’s so much more fulfilling. It’s an essential aspect of anyone’s development.

– Bruce Guthrie, National Centre for the Performing Arts’ Head of Theatre & Film

Reading Shakespeare, for example, isn’t enough; it’s supposed to be said, lived, and performed. Likewise, observing dance will only get you so far; you must also move, think, and feel in order to really comprehend it. When we understand why something exists and, even better, when we can make it exist, music becomes much more prosperous for us. These are not only artistic abilities but also living abilities. And the best part is that they are virtually enjoyable to learn. With that in mind, just because something is available online does not imply that it is passive. And just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t have social interactions.

One of the advantages of the shutdown is the ability to learn from and with one another across the country. According to the UN, 124 nations have stopped all pre-primary to higher-education facilities as of March 20, affecting about 1.25 billion children and young learners worldwide. In India, children have been home and away from school for more than a month. Thankfully, technology has brought schools into our homes, allowing us to continue learning pleasantly. Schools and learning centres embrace online workshops for kids and go to great lengths to guarantee that students keep up with the pace.

Everything is possible with the push of a button, from online music lessons to learning other languages. Several people – storytellers, artists, and creative organisations – have gone online to engage with home bound children through stories, performances, and online workshops for kids , diverging from the standard learning path.


online workshops for kids, offered by LUMOkid in their life skills program, assists children and teenagers in learning stress, conflict, and anger management skills and improving positive thinking, interpersonal skills, attention, and social etiquette and appealing mannerisms.

Learn Design and Coding with MindBox D2H

Are you looking for coding and programming online workshops for kids? For kids aged 6 to 16, MindBox has created six exciting Designing and Coding summer programmes. With various courses such as Graphic Design, Coding, Web Design, 3D Design, Games Design, App Design, and more, they promote and help children cultivate imagination, creativity and boost their capacity to build an aspirational job prospect.

Read to Think: Deep Readers Programme

Here’s a terrific online workshops for kids that enjoy reading. Through their unique, in-depth reading programme, the Read to Think: Deep Readers programme will assist your child in becoming a deep reader. This curriculum, aimed at youngsters aged 6 to 11, intends to help them develop as deep, focused, thoughtful readers and independent thinkers.

online workshops for kids

Toiing xQ Life Skills Summer Camp

Summer Camp Toiing xQ Life Skills An online workshops for kids designed to help children develop a combination of creativity, communication, and emotional intelligence.

Summer Cruise with Drama – Online

Allow your youngster to board the Summer Cruise Ship- an online workshops for kids, this summer and embark on a dramatic journey across the world. Adventure, mystery, discovery, song, dance, mime, and much more are all on the horizon. It’s time to purchase your boarding passes!