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life skills for children

What are the most underrated life skills for children?

Schools will teach your kids about essential subjects such as math and science, but there are other schools parents and teachers might forget in their quest to encourage life skills for children. These are crucial yet often underrated skills children need to learn as they grow into younger adults. 

It’s essential to think about the ways in which kids can improve themselves mentally. Whether the goal of our self-improvement is to grow into better adults for the sake of our careers, the people they love, or just for our own peace of mind, there are some traits that are under rated in the quest for improvement.

These underrated life skills for children are worthy of pursuit. You’ll find that they always come in handy!

Cooking skills

The ability to feed oneself is highly underrated, but parents or guardians should teach their children easy recipes to get them to help comfortably in the kitchen. It is also worth exploring cooking hacks through pressure cookers and microwaves so they will always be able to enjoy a comforting lunch or dinner without breaking the bank. Apart from learning to make some simple favorites, it’s also important to teach your teen how to pick vegetables from the market and keep them fresh. Every man should know how to cook.

There is no excuse to rely on microwave meals and takeout if you were left home alone for more than 12 hours. Learn how to boil pasta, make rice, cook various meats, and cook multiple vegetables. Keep some recipes in your back pocket. Cooking as one of the essential life skills for children is important for them to learn.

Doing Laundry

If your child does not do laundry, it is time to show them the ropes. Teach them what kinds of clothes need to be hand-washed, what clothing items should never go in the dryer, and all the other essential details about laundry. They should also most importantly learn how to iron their clothes, especially shirts, for interviews, while basic sewing skills like sewing a button wouldn’t go amiss. Doing laundry as one of the essential life skills for children is important for them to learn.

Managing one’s finances

It is quite simple to take things like money for granted when living under someone else’s roof. But if your kid had never worked and always turned to you for money while he or she was in school, now’s the best time to teach them about managing their finances on their own before they start their own lives. This includes sticking to a budget, work and the basic needs, how to make the online bill payments, healthy use of a credit card (along with its interest fees, minimum price, etc.), putting aside some money for emergencies, etc. Managing one’s finances as one of the essential life skills for children is important for them to learn.

Drafting a professional Email

Your child may be a digital native, but that doesn’t mean they know how to send a professionally worded email. Going to the college, you can expect your child to engage in more professional communication via email – be it with their professors, internships, or part-time jobs, so it helps coach them how to do so. Drafting a professional Email as one of the essential life skills for children is important for them to learn.

Drafting a resume

A most important part of your child’s adulthood would be getting a job, be it a part-time job or a full-time job, for your child to support him or herself. Naturally, employers would want a resume to see your teen’s academic background and experience, so they need to learn how to make it look appealing and attractive.

Situational Awareness

What exactly is situational awareness? It’s simply the perception of your environment and the elements in your current situation. This trait is something that is cultivated and mastered by people like bodyguards and CIA operatives. They know how to quickly evaluate people, environments, danger, and the projected outcome of any given situation. As a result, they can diffuse, deflect, and redirect effects to turn out in their favor. Much of situational awareness comes from being a keen observer and skilled at reading body language.

Emotional Intelligence

I’ve talked about emotional intelligence before (EQ) and its impact on our personal and professional lives. More than just understanding other people’s emotions or empathizing, it’s the ability to understand and articulate what you are feeling. Emotional intelligence is key to effective communication and managing your emotional responses, particularly when it comes to volatile emotions like anger.


People tend to be of two minds when it comes to intuition and the idea of “going with your gut.” They either think it’s a horrible idea or it’s the best idea. What works best is a combination of trusting your intuition and past experiences when faced with a decision. Instead of always looking for the advice of others to decide for you, sometimes you need to listen to yourself. Intuition as one of the essential life skills for children is important for them to learn.


Commitment seems to be a dying virtue. Whether it’s committing to finishing a job, working through a tough spot in a marriage, or sticking by a friend, we wrestle with really saving. It’s tough when it can hurt us. There’s no denying that. But there are always a lot of rewards for us when we stick by our commitments, whether it’s in a stronger relationship, a better reputation, or the satisfaction of finally seeing the results that pay off.

General “Handyman” Skills

Children don’t usually value being handy until something breaks. But boy! We sure wish we could teach our kids this stuff when we get the bill. Particularly when it comes to a need for quick-fix emergency repairs, it’s essential to know one of the essential life skills for children of home appliances and fixtures. How does a toilet work? How do I change out a fuse on the circuit breaker? How do I shut off my water? Change my oil? A tire? Essential maintenance and repair skills are one of the essential life skills for children to have without relying on an internet search in a moment of crisis!


Lastly, we encourage one of the essential life skills for children of decisiveness, the ability to make an executive decision. Too many times, we get stuck when we want to please everyone or are stuck in analysis paralysis. Sometimes decisions need to be made, and we need to be decisive. 

How to make a major purchase

Teaching kids such practices at a young age is not worth it. As such decisions are taken by parents and not by children of the home. Thus even discussing such things as comparing the prices before shop or discussing the advice is not much worth in front of children thinking that this will help them to build some basic life skills on how to make a major purchase.


Bartering or bargaining is an already learned life skill. Though learning how to spend your money reasonable or purchasing something at a reasonable price is something must be with. However, we forget this thing when and where to bargain, however, we shouldn’t shy away from bargaining. But doing this in front of children will teach them to apply this trick every time which is also not good from a habitual perspective, thus keep your child away from learning such skills if they are below teenage.

So above discussed are some of the underrated life skills for kids which we should teach them at a younger age