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AQ, CQ, EQ are crucial in life

Your kid needs more than IQ to be ready for the future

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Adversity Quotient (AQ)

Ability to turn obstacles into opportunities

Instead of solving every problem, encourage them to handle it & enable them to improve situations
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Curiosity Quotient (CQ)

Ability to question and learn life-long.

Encourage continuous learning & problem solving through curious questions and discussions
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Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Ability to assess & manage emotions

Encourage understanding & sharing of feelings through understanding & acceptance of all emotions

What is Our 4 Pillars approach?

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We shape your child’s character

Learn about life’s fundamental ingredients such as morals, ethics, behavior, & more

Encourage your child to be curious & aware of the world

Early introduction of useful concepts & news to develop young minds

Build an understanding of body & mind

Practice & understand concepts of health, nutrition, yoga & meditation

Communication = Reflection + Expression

Learn & enhance articulation & soft-skills, useful in your child’s career as well as personal lives

We are Shaping Young Minds with 200+ Essential Life Skills

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Is your child ready to face the future?