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A Complete Life-Skills Program for your child

We offer two sessions of one hour each per week for ages 6 to 14 years.

Every session nudges on character, soft skills, relevant world news, and improves inner & outer strength through yoga & meditation.

Our comprehensive co-curricular Program is recommended to shape your child throughout the foundation years.

Global Batches

The world is becoming a smaller place! Joining our sessions with multi-geography kids makes the kids more open & aware.

Live Sessions

Our video fun sessions are an opportunity to engage & interact with friends via screen not with screen.

Reflect & Share

The children develop a habit to reflect & share without getting judged. This is a very useful skill for life.

Group Discussion

Sessions are structured to ensure that the children debate & discuss resulting in excellent speaking skills.

Book Reading

Storytelling introduces kids to new vocabulary & enhances communication skills, interpersonal skills and stimulates imagination.

Games & Activities

Participation in activities with peers develops collaborative skills, mutual understanding, organization skills, and teamwork. 

Yoga & Meditation​

Early introduction to meditation and yoga helps in improving physical strength, memory, creative thinking, and resilience.

Parenting Support

We make it your parenting journey easier for you through our rich & timely reports & resources.

We are your Parenting Companion

Build a better connection with your child & help in their development

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Expert Advice

Access to expert advice along your parenting journey

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Communicate with Empathy

Know your kids better. Interact with them effectively

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Connect with Community

Connect with fellow parents across the globe. Share your parenting journey

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Insightful Resources

We’ve got powerful resources like articles, blogs, videos & much more on pro-parenting

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