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About LUMOkid

Through LUMOkid, we aim to shape young minds with practical & useful knowledge and skills.

Our Story

In the words of our founder

During our parenting journey, we realized that AQ, CQ, EQ are critical in life while the formal education system primarily focuses on IQ.

We looked around for a comprehensive resource to help us nudge our kid to become confident, responsible and future-ready, but there was no such destination.

Pro-parenting enables us to actively engage our kids and helps us to seed these skills in them.

Through LUMOkid, we aim to fill this whitespace by providing a structured framework to enable life-skills development in the kids. We have designed our program in partnership with experts in education, health, nutrition, child development, parenting & psychology.

We want to be your partner in developing strength, character, knowledge and skills in our kids. We push the child consistently along with your active participation and equip them to sail successfully in their personal and professional lives.

Let’s build a confident and happy next generation together!

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Shweta Dasgupta


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Our Vision

Enhance social, emotional, and physical well being of every child

Meet Some of Our Curious Minds

Meet Our Team

We are built with a passionate team of curriculum experts, life coaches, nutritionists, child psychologists, communication experts, professional consultants to empower you & your child.

Soniya1 LUMOkid
Being a certified psychologist, an educator and a social traveler, I have had the chance to work with individuals of all ages around the world; both children and adults. Because I have had unique opportunities to work in environments that nurtured my curious nature, I was able to gain valuable experiences that have helped me grow into the individual I have become today; both professionally and personally. Of course the thirst for more knowledge has not stopped, which is why LUMOkid is fantastic for me. The desire to learn, to understand new things and to know how they work has widened my mindset over the years. LUMOkid has encouraged my curiosity mindset to grow a step further. It has offered me a platform to explore, enhance and strengthen my content writing and management skills. The friendly and open environment gives us all a chance to not only work together but also have judgement free discussions. It's given me a chance and an opportunity to input my skills and take away some strong interpersonal skills.
filename 5 LUMOkid
As a management graduate, I strongly feel that forming the habit of being aware of your surroundings and the world goes a long way in living a life. So, writing and editing news content and 'must know information' for LUMOkid feels like filling the void of having the education that is always needed. My team and I believe in breaking down amazing facts and current affairs in a simple yet engaging way for kids. I have had an incredible journey so far with LUMOkid, which has an open to opinions and discussion-friendly environment. I haven't met my colleagues in person, but it feels like we have known each other for years
Gomini LUMOkid
When I used to study in a boarding school we had to do everything on our own. From getting up early in the morning to folding our blankets and cleaning our surroundings and doing our laundry. These were some basic life skills I learnt only after joining a boarding school but not all get a chance to go to a boarding school. At home, we are pampered or some people would be willing to do things for us which leads us to not acquire certain skills. At LUMOkid children gain an understanding of these basic life skills. I enjoy taking sessions for these little geniuses filled with curiosity. We at LUMOkid quench their thirst for knowledge. There's not a day that goes without learning at LUMOkid. LUMOkid empowered me to explore myself and it will always be a special place for me.
filename 9 LUMOkid
As a Journalism and Mass Communication graduate, I constantly try my best to practice timeliness and effective communication. When I got the opportunity to work with LUMOkid I thought why not? I am working as an Operations and Communication Manager here and it has greatly aided me in not just enhancing my abilities but also providing me with real experience. Taking care of every necessary thing for the smooth running of each session and communicating with not just the team, but also with the parents and children, is really interesting and enjoyable work for me. I am having a great experience working with a wonderful team here.
anjali lumokid LUMOkid
I have always been passionate about creativity. Working at LUMOkid as a marketing team member has offered me the opportunity to explore this area. I feel marketing is a very strong tool in any organization. Working in a budding startup-like LUMOkid has offered me a great learning opportunity. I plan on pursuing my MBA in Marketing. Getting hands-on experience before starting further studies has made my decision more clear to me. I plan to be associated with LUMOkid for a long time and grow with this platform.
filename 1 LUMOkid
"Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life" I am a psychologist. I love learning about people and myself. LUMOkid has allowed me to do what I love. I create rich resources for parents to help them in their parenting journey and this helps in achieving what we cover in our sessions. This is interesting as I need to keep in mind how children process information. I truly love what I do and everyone I work with.
Sakina1 LUMOkid
Having studied mass communication and having a passion for writing, I always enjoy expressing myself. Moreover, being an aware and responsible human being I always look forward to connecting with people through words in a way that has an impact on their life. When I found this opportunity at LUMOkid to develop content for the holistic development of kids, it was like a cherry on the cake. Alongside, creating content for kids is a whole new learning experience for me. I create, I learn and I improve.
Raji1 LUMOkid
I always wanted my learning to be applicable and valuable, LUMOkid helps to achieve that by transforming teaching into a fun, informative, and interactive session that develops skill, emotion, knowledge, and character. As an Engineer, I understand that constantly updating your knowledge with current technological developments is essential. Technology can help in expressing your creativity, develop problem-solving and decision-making skills. When children start getting excited about technology and the potential it offers them from a young age, they’re more prepared for their future and the possibilities it offers. I focus on this aspect as a content Writer for LUMOkid.
Jayasree 1 LUMOkid
Holistic development is what a child needs the most. And I'm so very happy to say that LUMOkid gives exactly what the child needs from emotional, psychological and social growth to skills, values, confidence and communication skills. As a science student and also someone who had the privilege of a holistic education system, I can be so sure that LUMOkid would build the confidence and the holistic development of the child to face the challenges of living as well as academics. Team LUMOkid has been a friendly, non-judgemental and supportive environment and sure is close to my heart!
Bhumika1 LUMOkid
I feel obliged as a Journalism graduate, to be researching, creating, editing, designing amazing content for LUMOkid. It requires a lot of effort as it goes for preparing children, the future generation. Working out of our comfort zone to create something special is what we do here every day.
filename 6 LUMOkid
As a Journalism and mass communication graduate, it always excites me to know and share about what's happening in the world. And it gives me immense pleasure to create content at LUMOkid for the knowledge pillar. I find it to be an interesting ride where you can also experience and learn new things along with them. I do thorough research, create and then reevaluate content many times to make it easy for kids to grasp. Working at LUMOkid is a great experience.
Education comes from within. School’s textbook education is not enough for anyone to build a strong character in this real world. Working with LUMOkid gave me a chance to explore and learn about things which I couldn't before. Here we learn and let learn. Who knew creating content would be this fun?!
filename 4 LUMOkid
A wholesome personality is the culmination of confidence, strong internal values, physiological growth, etc. Unfortunately, our current education system fails to provide that perspective on life LUMOkid helps your children to develop a person's intellectual, physical, emotional, social, artistic, creative and spiritual potential. Being a life science graduate, I am always curious to know what life is and always believe learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. So, content writing at LUMOkid gives me a chance to acquire and share knowledge. I am very glad to be a part of LUMOkid.