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personality development training for kids

What to consider today if you want to get the best personality development training for kids in Bangalore

Personality development training for kids has always been a concern for parents and it should be. Isn’t it? Today’s parents are so concerned about their child upbringing as their little efforts make them ready for tomorrow. Personality development classes for kids not only determines career success but also the overall attitude and behaviour towards life.

Children are the little adults who go through typical characteristics of growth – emotional, intellectual, in their growth journey. Being a parent it’s our responsibility to help them so that they can learn the personality development skills and can shape their personality.

Personality development courses are developmental age-specific. For age 6-12 the personality development curriculum is quite different as compared to the age 14-18 curriculum.

Such courses basicllay cover all the important dimesions of effective personality. The most important thing is such courses make the students aware of the various elements of personality development.

The basic motto of the personality development course for kids is to develop good etiquette, presentation and communication skills, time management skills and other crucial skills that are important to face adulthood.

During the course curriculum, students get to learn about their personalities and how they can use that information in making career choices. It provides students with an overview of the various stages of human development from childhood to adulthood.

Wondering, what to consider if you want to get the best personality development training for kids in Bangalore? Worry no more, this guide will help you out with everything you need to know! Let us first understand the concept of personality development.

Table of contents

  • What is personality development in kids?
  • How personality development for kids is helpful?
  • Method
  • Going solo?
  • Cost
  • The provider
  • Anything Else?

What is Personality Development in Kids?


A child’s personality is made up of many components, beginning with their own self-assurance, courage, self-esteem, and how they view and respect others. Between the ages of three and six, you can see your child’s personality grow. This is the perfect time to instil in them the values and behaviours that will help them become positive people.

The modern world is competitive, and every child must have something extra. In this case, your child desires to outperform the others. Without the proper skills and preparation, trying to win is impossible. Perfection does not happen overnight, and it necessitates even more than extra effort, hard work, and sacrifice. This is where children’s personality development comes into play. It is really simple to understand when things are planned from the beginning. So, if you really want your child to be a step ahead, consider enrolling him or her in personal development training.

However, finding the right personality development training in Bangalore can be hard. Often parents wonder, what is included in this training and What to consider if you want to get the best personality development training for kids in Bangalore. These learning elements are included in the personality development training for children.

  • Communication Skills
  • Confidence Building
  • Leadership/Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Phone Etiquettes

Why personality development classes for kids are important?

Personality development classes help your kids in multiple ways – prepare your kid to speak with impact, encourage students to build the essential life skills and most importantly mould the students into their best version.

In order to develop or enhance kids overall personalities, schools or personality development coaching centres work on students overall personality development programs. Students are taught a wide array of skills such as public speaking, debating and group discussion, storytelling and reading for performance.

By learning all of these skills make the student stand apart from the rest. And most importantly personality development plays a vital role in improving students communication skills. Individuals ought to master the art of expressing their thoughts and feelings in the right way or most desired way.

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How personality development for kids is helpful?

personality development training for kids
personality development training for kids

Speaking and listening skills are extremely important in our quest for achievement, and your child’s development of these skills has proven to be beneficial in the long run. Children between the ages of 7 and 12 are more aware of their surroundings. They could end up following the trends you don’t want them to. It’s also essential to assist your child in distinguishing between poor and good behaviours. The most successful way to do this is to enrol your child in our personality development training, which will enable a highly qualified faculty to concentrate on your child’s unique personality.

These days, most children of this age group tend to be sceptical of anything they encounter. And, to pique their interest, the development of skills such as public speaking, teamwork, decision-making, trust, and so on has become a top priority. You will help your child discover unknown possibilities in a whole new way by providing personal development instruction.

Personality improvement is a massive industry, with thousands of training/development classes, retreats, away days, therapies, and workshops available to help the child become a better version of themselves in every way. But, with so many options, how do you choose the one that’s right for your child? And what to consider if you want to get the best personality development training for kids in Bangalore, so here’s the answer to your question

1. Method

The first and foremost thing to do when wondering What to consider if you want to get the best personality development training for kids in Bangalore is to analyse the methodology. People learn in various ways, so figure out what vehicle or approach would work best for your child, as well as how much time they can devote and any real constraints they might have. For example, you might come across companies that provide e-learning, evening classes, private, distance learning, in-house training, and a variety of other services.

2. Going solo?

Similarly, do you prefer one-on-one instruction for your child or a group setting where children can support and learn from one another? Are they someone who enjoys sharing their experiences and space with other children? The camaraderie of a group can be extremely inspiring, but the concentration and attention they receive in this environment would be much less than if they were receiving private coaching or tuition.

3. Cost

The next crucial step when questioning what to consider if you want to get the best personality development training for kids in Bangalore is rationalizing the cost. This one could be a simple filter to add after you’ve narrowed down your choices based on the elements above, allowing you to disregard classes, etc., based on your budget. Ask yourself, what is your budget for what would be the best for your child?

4. The provider

Hopefully, you’ve gone over the tips above and narrowed down your course/coaching options to a few options that are all equally practical/effective/affordable, etc. The next step of what to consider if you want to get the best personality development training for kids in Bangalore is rationalizing the cost is taking a look at the people who will be providing the training. What are other people’s opinions about them? Is there any certification? Do they provide ongoing assistance?

It’s generally the right decision if you have a gut feeling about one of the options; some characterise it as our instincts and senses arriving at the best choice before our minds have had a chance to catch up.

How to help your child Build a Good Personality?

As a parent, you can do n number of things to help develop your child’s overall personality. Given below are a couple of tips you can start with-

1. Don’t label your child. Let your child develop their personality on their own make sure not to influence your or other people views. So try not to label your child with words like – shy, emotional, sensitive, arrogant, bossy etc.

2. Every child is unique. Each child is born with some unique traits. Thus you should foster healthy personality development by being responsible for their needs.

3. Learnings begin at home. Children look up to their parents or siblings and try to imitate their behaviours. So always try to be on your best behaviours at all times. And model the personality traits like – confidence, politeness, patience, kindness sharing, caring etc, set good examples for your kids to copy.

4. Pay close attention to your child’s behaviour and track how they handle the situations they are in. And also pay very close attention to their interests and activities.

5. Be a good listener. Childrens’ usually tend to crave attention, especially when they are learning a new language. As parents listen to their stories very carefully or patiently and make them feel confident and secure.

6. Pay attention to soft skills as well. When it comes to a child’s overall personality development we can’t neglect the role of soft skills. soft skills training for kids has become a challenge for parents on how to develop soft skills traits in children. Soft skills enable students to adjust to the frustrations and challenges they face. Moreover mastering softs skills help students learn, live and work better.

Anything missing?


This is the last step of what to consider if you want to get the best personality development training for kids or soft skills training for kids in Bangalore. Every child is unique, and just because a significant number of students have completed the course and received training/development does not mean that every factor, problem, question, or qualification has been addressed. Before booking, get in contact with the provider(s) if you have any questions or concerns that you’re not sure will be addressed.

Some FAQ’S

Personality Development and soft skills go a long way in deciding the success of a person and display maturity in the personal life as well as the corporate sector.

Why learn soft skills?

After academic record soft skills are the next things which are looked up to both in personal as well as corporate life. Thus it is very important to pay interest in learning soft skills before your kid’s school life ends.

My kid has a good personality, why should he need this course?

As you know having a good personality is a plus and give an advantage over others. Each person is born with certain qualities and skillsets.

However, in today’s changing world, it is very important to hone these skills to create your own path of success.

Lumokid personality development classes for kids -works to hone softs skills and other extracurricular skills in kids and students – will help you to gather and hone soft skills so that your child can create an independent niche in the market.

Why is this course Important?
Do you know a person with an enhanced personality or better communication skills gets an advantage in today’s world? of course yes!!

Who can do this course?
Our courses are open to children age between (6-14 years). This personality enhancement program is specifically designed for:

*School students.