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reading habits in kids

Power of reading: 5 ways to inculcate reading habits in kids


Reading habits in kids is one such habit that should be instilled in the child from a very early age, but the sad reality is that kids today are more inclined towards television, mobile phones and video games. Reading is one of the most fundamental abilities that kids must master to be successful. It is a necessary professional talent and a means of appreciating innovative, instructive, and inspirational works of literature that enhance our lives. Nurturing a love of reading in kids might seem impossible, but you can quickly transform your child into a strong reader with the right approach and the right tactics. Reading with children at home from a young age is the key to develop good reading habits in kids. Every kid learns and uniquely absorbs knowledge. As a result, some kids may have a natural affinity for reading while others may not. Reading abilities are not only beneficial academically, but they are also a necessary ability for long-term success. Therefore, inculcating reading habits in kids is of utmost importance, and here we provide you with such powerful ways to teach the art of reading in kids.

Five ways to inculcate reading habits in kids

Reading improves attention span, strengthens analytical thinking, and expands vocabulary. Students are more likely to acquire a love of reading, inspiring the best reading habits, and making learning simpler if they learn to make reading pleasurable. Parents and teachers may assist students in developing a love of reading in a variety of ways. Five such ways include-

  1. Create a reading space- It is critical to provide a reading environment to build reading habits in kids. With their assistance, create a space for your youngster. Ascertain that your youngster has a well-organized reading area. Take some entertaining accessories, such as a bean bag chair and a wide selection of books. Students can read more productively in an orderly and well-maintained reading area. Start reading stories to your youngster to help them grasp the importance of reading. There are many books on the market that are tailored to different age groups. To keep their attention, use pop-up books or other creatively produced literature.
  1. Inculcate reading in everyday activities- Reading is a part of everyday life; it is more than just curling up with a nice book. Teach your kids that reading is about more than books. Show your kids that reading is a part of everyday life by having them practise reading movie titles, menus, gaming instructions, and traffic signs, among other things. Finding reading opportunities in everyday life is also the most effective approach for pupils to establish reading habits in kids.
  1. Roleplay- What children observe is what they learn. As a result, serve as a role model in front of your child and read to them. Allow your youngster to see you reading, whether it’s books, pictures, or magazines. Your youngster is likely to pick up on your enthusiasm for reading if you are. Encourage your youngster to read with you with their book.
reading habits in kids
Power of reading_ 5 ways to inculcate reading habits in kids
  1. Let them read things that are of their interest- Rather than pushing children to read what you enjoy, encourage them to read what they are passionate about. Allow kids to read whatever they want, whether it’s the newspaper, fiction, poetry, comic books, or other reading materials. However, be certain that kids are only reading content that is appropriate for their age. This will undoubtedly improve reading habits in kids. 
  1. Have a diverse collection of books- It is one of the most effective methods for instilling reading habits in kids. Leave books strewn about the house in every area so that they get ingrained in your children’s life. Children who grow up with reading materials all around them are more likely to like reading than students who grow up without access to essential resources. As a result, having a diverse collection of books in your house is critical.
  1. Make them visit libraries- The library houses a wide range of books and is a great location to discover new authors and publications. Trips to the library allow students to establish healthy reading habits while also seeing what other children are doing. For students, most libraries provide storey hours or other literacy initiatives. Thus, libraries are the ideal place for pupils to establish reading habits. As a result, make it a point to visit the library at least once a week. When you let your youngster peek over and explore the library, it becomes even more incredible.


Use these suggestions to pique kids’ enthusiasm in reading and help them become better learners. Students improve their reading skills with the proper guidance and attention. The primary goal of these suggestions is to provide an opportunity to create a reading habit and provide a benchmark against which progress can be measured.