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Activities for 6-10 year old kids

Social & Emotional Development Activities for 6-10 year old kids

Are you looking for ways to assist your child with social-emotional learning? Many schools have begun to teach students how to deal with emotions, make objectives, and get along with others. You can also assist your youngster in practise these abilities at home. Here are a few socio-emotional learning Activities for 6-10 year old kids to assist your child in regulating emotions and improving social skills while also having fun with you. These low-tech social-emotional learning Activities for 6-10 year old kids are efficient. And they’re all made to fit into your regular routine.

Starfish and tornadoes

Through activities for 6-10 year old kids, The idea is to teach kids how to recognise how much energy they have inside. Then, when they realise they have too much energy, they can either apply self-calming techniques or seek help from a trustworthy adult.

Playing Instructions:

  1. Draw a thermometer on a piece of paper.
  2. At the bottom, draw a starfish, and at the top, draw a tornado.
  3. Inquire whether your youngster is quiet, like a starfish, or frantic and agitated, like a tornado.
  4. When your youngster is very energetic, discuss how to make them feel more like a starfish.

For instance, bouncing a ball can assist in the release of some of that energy.

Help your child define the energy levels by playing this game at different times of the day. “You like to snuggle and watch cartoons,” for example, if you play first thing in the morning. “I bet you could sprint up and down the stairs five times before I complete making breakfast!” or “I bet you could run up and down the stairs five times before I finish making breakfast!”

Keep in mind that self-awareness can aid in the development of a skill called self-regulation in children. It’s all about managing your energy when it comes to self-regulation. It aids children in controlling their emotions and body movements in stressful situations. It also aids their ability to pay attention and learn.

Turtle time

Through Activities for 6-10 year old kids, the idea is to teach children how to observe what is going on around them. Picking up on social signs allows children to get their needs satisfied while also understanding the viewpoints of others.

Playing Instructions

When you and your child arrive at the playground or other locations, look around slowly and exaggeratedly like a turtle. Then, take turns describing what you see: “All the swings have been taken.” “For the slide, there is a short line.” Assist your child in making the connection between their observations and the behaviour choices they make. For example, when the swings are crowded, your youngster might prefer to go first to the slide.

“Who am I right now?”

Through Activities for 6-10 year old kids, The idea is to help your child develop self-awareness and recognise their abilities. These abilities can also aid in decision-making and understanding others’ viewpoints.

Playing Instructions:

  1. Get a stack of index cards.
  2. Draw drawings of your child doing something positive, such as being a good helper or a good teacher, with them.
  3. Consider what additional cards your youngster could create.

Comment on your child’s positive behaviours to encourage them to come up with ideas: “You just offered to teach your sister a nursery rhyme.” Let’s talk about what kind of person you are right now for a second.”

Social Skills for kids

Let’s make a deal

Through Activities for 6-10 year old kids, The idea is to teach children how to compromise. Practising how to perceive things from someone else’s point of view will assist your youngster in considering the needs of others.

When you and your youngster can’t agree, sing these words to the tune of “This Old Man”: “You want this. That’s something I’d want. “How can we get what we both want?” Then come up with a few ideas and pick the best one for now. For example, if your youngster insists on baking cookies at 8 a.m., the best answer might be to wait two hours and bake when the infant is resting.

Taking turns taking charge

Through Activities for 6-10 year old kids, The purpose is to aid in developing self-awareness, decision-making, and seeing things from other people’s perspectives. Start a custom where you and your child (or the entire family) take turns preparing a fun night once a week. You might choose a topic, such as what meal to eat, what movie to watch, or what game to play. Alternatively, leave everything open and let the person in control choose.