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soft skills training for kids

What do Your Kids Learn from Soft Skills Training?

Learning soft skills have become more important than ever. And schools generally don’t pay attention to equip students with such high demand skills. As much of our education system emphasizes academic and intellectual skills and keeps on neglecting teaching soft skills till children graduate. 

Skills such as (social skills, communication skills and self-control) are some of the soft skills for kids which need emphasis when kids are in the preschool years and not so much later in school. 

Soft skills are harder to quantify. While you can give away certificates for skills like leadership etc, how do you quantify leadership? A grade of 90 in the math subject can represent that a student scored nine out of ten questions correct, and those questions can easily be checked and verified. Quantifying and verifying these subjects is easy. Soft skills cannot be quantified and confirmed with the same ease. However, soft skills training for kids is still fundamental, and schools still need to communicate these topics well to students.

Looking from old traditional education from first grade will focus on academics skills and forget to teach these soft skills to our kids. Parents spend so much time completing their kids’ homework but unfortunately don’t pay any attention to learning soft skills for their kids.

When students go beyond school into their careers, they’ll list their soft skills the same as they document their soft skills. Hard skills might be listed, primarily data analysis or mathematics. Someone applying to a job can point to their degree in these areas, suggesting they made good grades in these areas. However, the students will also list soft skills like detail-oriented and leadership. Since most hiring managers look at both hard and soft skills, activities need to be developed that teach both. Let us see in more detail what are the aspects covered at LUMOkid in soft skills training for kids.

Effective Communication

Communication skills are essential because even if someone is highly skilled in their field, they may still need to help their organization become successful. It doesn’t really matter how well they perform their job if they cannot communicate what they’re doing to others. When the communication breaks down, people get confused as to what has been done and what needs to be done, and when the things are due. This might lead to failing of projects since communication came to a halt. Therefore soft skills training for kids is essential.

Effective communication needs individuals to be effective listeners as well as good communicators. They must understand where others stand about finishing a project. Good communicators often listen and respond effectively, ensuring that everyone on the team has a solid understanding of the work that still needs to be done.


One of the most underrated soft skills training for kids is the skill of creativity. People get accustomed to working according to specific rules and routines. While this is just sufficient for dealing with most work issues from one day to another, you also need to develop innovative solutions when novel problems arise. Creative individuals can work within the limits of their organization to conceive new approaches that help improve the way their organization responds to emerging issues.

Individuals with a solid sense of creativity are innovative problem solvers. They can understand the problems in front of them effectively and the solutions that have previously been used. With the understanding of the issue and previous responses, creative individuals efficiently assess what resources are available and develop advanced approaches to solving the problems within their organization.


A skill that any child will use from school through their career will be the ability to adapt to a specific situation. One of the purposes of soft skills training for kids is to get the kids used to the routine of the work of a daysince, for most people out there, a career will ask them to work on a tight schedule for specifically set hours. It is easy for students to get used to the structure and routine of a typical day’s work. Thus soft skills for children training is essential.

However, they also need to adapt in the face of difficult circumstances. When some unanticipated problems arise, some students cannot respond effectively. As kids learn to be more and more adaptable, they adjust better to a wide range of issues. A student who knows how to adapt quickly to changing school conditions is better suited to responding in the workplace when new problems arise.

soft skills training for kids

Public Speaking skills 

Public speaking stands different from general communication skills because publicly speaking requires unique communication skills. When speaking in front of others, people need to speak confidently, be transparent in their messaging, and use excellent logic in their presentation while handling the additional pressure of being watched by the others.

An efficient public speaker understands their audience and how to speak to them. For instance, speaking to a highly technical audience, they use the terminology that the audience understands. This language can be specialized to match the audience and focus on developed processes to solve organizational issues. However, they may need to use minor technical language for a business-oriented audience and focus more tightly on what were the solutions that were developed and how they benefited the organization.

Teamwork and socializing

The soft skills training for kids lends itself to helping develop the soft skill of teamwork. Teamwork requires that students interact with each other while working on a common goal. This is something that kids will often face in the workplace as adults when they’re asked to work toward solving organizational issues or as they work with peers to meet goals set by their employers. Effective teamwork draws together several other skills, like communication skills and interpersonal skills, and puts them to use to meet these goals.

Soft skills is a broad set of skills- these include competencies, behaviours, attitude and personal qualities that enable people to work well with others and achieve their vision and goals. 

Soft Skills for Children – Why its important to master these skills at an Early Age?

Teenagers can be worst, sometimes moody and irritable all the time and even rude. Thus there is a big chance that they aren’t able to practice or focus on their soft skills as children.

And even after being a student, unfortunately, soft skills are not being taught at school, as schools just focus on hard skills and memorizing the notes and lessons rather than honing soft skills.

But the good news is teaching soft skills at an early age has been found quite beneficial to the overall development of children growth. In order to make your child take interest in practising and learning soft skills enrol them into some soft skills for children training classes or personality development classes.

Soft skills can also be taught at home or outside the classroom premises. In a nutshell, the earlier these skills are taught to children, the better their development in school.

Soft Skills Development For Kids – Parents Must Play Their Part

In this technological age, developing soft skills in children can give them an edge and help them to become successful in their personal and professional lives.

Secondly, soft skills development for kids is important because Kids are tomorrow’s future. In order to become promising assets for companies, they need to make an investment today. And these investments are nothing but the sharpening of what is labelled as soft skills.

Today, most professions require soft skills as major skills and that’s why it’s very important to learn and groom soft skills at an early age.

Though soft skills training is quite common in the corporate world, however the need for such skills at the school level has not been recognized as important.

Even for college students, the training is just imparted either a crash course or just an introduction and that is also just before the interviews.

Being a parent if you are looking to establish a successful profession for your kids, here are the numerous ways to teach soft skills to them to enjoy an edge over others.

These small inputs today will help your child master these skills and this way will make them ready for future assessments.


Schools are where soft skills are learned and practised after school activities are a perfect place to improve and refine soft skills, but the real learning begins where parents and families observe and enrol kids into soft skills training courses. 

Take courses from Lumokid best soft skills courses trainer and explore more online personality development classes for kids and take a step to make your child a smart champ and take a chance to teach them some extraordinary skills- life skills, social skills, soft skills and people’s skills. 

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